We can deal with the optimal maintenance of the facilities of its community of owners, business or home conducting a proper control of the same and performing preventive and corrective actions stipulated by anticipating potential damage and breakdowns. In this way, our customers can gain greater control of its costs with a professional and personalized service.

We offer a range of flexible services, with solutions that allow you to optimize the operation of its facilities while minimizing their costs and energy consumption. On request, we can conduct a study of the facilities, if necessary, propose changes, protocols to be followed and all actions it deems necessary to improve or modernize facilities for better control of supplies, such as the replacing other lighting low power.

  1. Painters

We have professional painters with experience, who can assess each individual case and advise our clients on the best way and best products to apply. The inclusion of the painting in the budget is to be agreed but all other materials, tools necessary to carry out the work, will be included.

  1. Electricians

Our professionals will take care of all those troubleshoot and solve electrical problems that you are and the reform of existing facilities.

  1. Plumbers

Our staff makes all kinds of unblocking of pipes, cleaning gutters, downspouts installation of pipelines and risers, installation of bathroom plumbing and drainage…

  1. Carpenters

Settings, placement of doors, panels and locks, repairs of furniture, beds, baseboards and moldings placements…

  1. Small DIY tasks

We also have technical experts in home repairs able to fix any fault present at his home or place of business. It is small DIY tasks that are likely to be carried by an individual and not made due to lack of equipment, skill or time.

These simple repairs can be:

  • Hang pictures and mirrors, curtains, blinds, shelves, etc.
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture.
  • Place lamps, plugs, support television…
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