In Amat, we deal with the cleanup. We conducted a study of their needs and propose a work plan tailored to your budget. We have a streamlined methodology that allows us to take proper cleaning plans, economize on costs and offer attractive prices.

We will deal be perfectly clean and hygienic her neighborhood or business. We also have available a wide range of environmentally friendly cleaning products, approved by the European Union, both for industrial cleaning to your home, to minimize the negative effects on the environment.

We will accommodate their schedules so that the cleaning staff does not disrupt the normal activity of your business. Amat for the convenience of our customers is important.

Cleaning of neighboring communities. We will propose a maintenance plan to keep your website clean staircase, elevator, handrails, railings or tiled. Using preventive and protective prevent the irreversible deterioration. The customer satisfaction guarantee.

Cleaning garages in Tenerife


Cleaning of garages, parking, supermarkets or warehouses. We have professional equipment optimizing the time thus reducing the cost and improving results.

Cleaning streets and parking garage by industrial sweepers and scrubbers. Specific products are used depending on the type of soil removed dust spots. The recommended frequency depends on each case, usually between 1-3 times a year. Should consider cleaning air and water pipes garage which often accumulate dirt.

  • Cleaning Shops with or without window
  • Cleaning Offices
  • Cleaning Business
  • Cleaning Crystals
  • Cleaning of neighboring communities
  • Cleaning Flats and Chalets
  • Cleaning Warehouses
  • Cleaning Garages
  • Cleaning Schools
  • Cleaning End of work
  • Cleaning with industrial machinery
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